Resolute Academy

Resolute Academy is a mentoring programme for 16-18s that you can do whilst still in school, with weekly taught sessions, challenges and a chance to serve as part of the Resolute team. We want to inspire and equip you to live boldly for Jesus as young people and future leaders in whatever capacity you feel called to!

This programme has been designed to support you at home, at school and at church. We will help you to find a mentor from your church who can support you throughout the year (ideally someone you already know and respect) as well as linking you to an area of the Resolute team help you step out for Christ.

Between September and March there will be weekly meet-ups, which will run from 4-5pm on a Friday and will include time for you to connect and share experiences, a short talk/discussion on a range of topics and time to chat over pizza/food. These will be backed up with challenges and fortnightly Bible readings, as well as time spent with your mentor, whether that is on a Sunday morning, or midweek.

There is an expectation that anyone who signs up is committed to the course and will make every effort to attend the weekly sessions, spend time with their mentor and take part in Resolute events and in their church (if they are not already). This will include the summer Resolute event, where certificates will be issued and you will have a chance to say something about the year.

What now?

Pray and Ask: Pray about the programme, and ask your church youth leader about whether this programme is suitable for you.
Apply: Fill in the application form below.

There are a limited number of spaces available (although this doesn’t stop you reading the Bible and finding a mentor to support you in your walk with God anyway), so priority will be given to those in Year 13 first, as those in Year 12 will have a chance to reapply next year.